"Apocalypse of life" more than one set of clothing by JZ Jiu Zi Nine position sponsorship Yan Ni (Yu Xiaoqiang) clothing

JZ Jiuzi full build realism theme drama "Apocalypse of Life" on the evening of May 22 in the East TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV, Anhui Satellite TV and other major satellite premieres.

《生活启示录》剧中多套服装由JZ玖姿提供 玖姿赞助闫妮(于小强)服装

"Life Apocalypse" jointly by the Yan Ni, Hu Ge, Guo Jinglin, Joe Ma and other famous actors joined depicting urban men and women fighting spirit optimistic attitude towards life when the hero to face setbacks and self-reliance.

Nine sets of clothing by the JZ Jiu Zi drama, every night at 19:30, let us look forward to.

T/C Woven Fusible Interlining(HDPE/LDPE COATING)

1. Features:

     -- More even and smoothly grey cloth

     -- Handfeel:Soft,Medium,Medium Hard and Hard as customers' require

     -- Perfect bonding strength

     -- Excellent shrinkage control

     -- Garantee for washable,dry-washable

2. Technical Data:

     -- Gray cloth: 100% cotton

     -- Width: 112cm

3.Packing:50M/Y per roll, 2rolls per bag

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