Go to the beach to wear what a good dress beach skirt long skirt new

Once again, during the good holidays of the year, the sunshine and breeze of May always make people feel extremely fun and go to the beach to really enjoy all the good times that nature has to offer. So go to the beach to wear what dress look good? The average girl will choose beach skirts, because it is light and elegant, can raise skirts in the sea breeze, feel the sea breeze slowly Xu.

Garden Street on the 19th

Garden Street, 19 women in this summer launched several for holiday by the sea beach skirt, this skirt jumpsuit Bra straps, navy blue and emerald green faint of new deepwater unlimited integration, like seaweed and sea water Fusion of the cross, waist design and folds of processing, to create generous skirts, eat dinner to the beach, really enjoy it.

去海边度假穿什么裙子好 沙滩裙长裙新款

Garden Street on the 19th

The preferred fabric for beach skirts or chiffon, it is light and elegant through the characteristics of other fabrics can not be beyond, this mainly to mauve green-colored elegant dress to irregular manner to show its unique, in the chiffon skirt Side of the inner layer, it is a cotton bag hip skirt, show off the sexy buttocks at the same time forget the wind was blowing skirt.

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