Love zero distance, warm the world - "Rang-Ai" Let Love Women into Xinjiang to pass love

Guide: "As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a better world." This "love devotion" has touched the hearts of our people countless times. Harvest is a kind of enjoyment, giving is also a kind of enjoyment, and life will be flashed by dedication. Since its establishment, Shenzhen Jean Love Apparel Co., Ltd. has always taken a grateful heart to serve its clients and the society while pursuing sustainable development and has put in practical action.

In March 2014, the "Mother's Parcel - Passing Love" large-scale charity donation event organized by the Beijing Women's Foundation won the " Rang-Ai " great attention and support from the ladies ' love. On March 31, "Rang-Ai" brought love ladies' clothes into Xinjiang, bringing in 100,000 yuan worth of clothes for the poor mothers here, helping them to solve some practical difficulties in life and pass on a social love.

爱心零距离,暖情传天下 ——“Rang-Ai”让爱女装走进新疆传递爱心

On March 31, "Rang-Ai" finally made the love clothing donated by the love ladies finally arrive in Xinjiang smoothly. The local responsible department sent all the love supplies to the poor mothers who needed help. Although Xinjiang was still cold in March, these loving clothes filled the mother's face with a sunshine smile and full of heart. Warm and touching. Love is a lubricant, so that the hate of rust disappeared, and let this machine normal operation of friendship, love is a solid bandage, connecting you and I he she, love is the desert Qingquan, so that Thirsty people regain hope, love is inspired by the failure of others, so that people in the face of adversity ...

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