Celebrate Dan Shigelier Wanda Guangzhou Zengcheng counters grand opening

In recent years, with the continuous development of the brand, Dan Shigel more and more loved by consumers, which also strengthened the pace of expansion of the company to speed up shop opening speed. May 16, Dan Shigel Guangzhou Zengcheng Wanda department store counters grand opening, so that more consumers in this bright, colorful season in the dress has a new and unique interpretation.

Is still the iconic Clover hollow wall, white display stand, in the most primitive, simple color contrast Danish Geer 2014 summer new, the most elegant and less Shu charm, the most fashionable Korean fashion are here The most perfect interpretation.


Fashion to change life, Danish Gell's ladies no fear of avant-gardeism, there is no regularization of the profession, in the choice of color and fabric sensitive to the boundaries of nature and fashion, in the relaxed and sweet with vague urban women Independence and self-confidence.

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