Magnetic buckle installation method

The garment factory is very important in the process of installing buttons. For example, the snap fasteners and the five-jaw fasteners need to be equipped with striking tools to complete the installation, but do you know how to install the magnetic fastener? In fact, the trouble of the magnetic fastener is that it must be installed in the middle of production. Half of it is on the tablecloth, half on the lining or all on the lining, but many times we will forget to install it in the middle until the work is completed, it will be demolished or not, and there will be a patchwork worksheet. Clip 3 layers can not be installed together for a long time, how to deal with these problems? Let the Chinese clothing accessories network Xiaobian to support for everyone!

Now that there is a hand-stitchable magnetic fastener that can basically deal with these problems, what if you only have ordinary magnetic fasteners on your hands that do not have such hand sewing?

Let's turn it into a seamable type: cut out four round hard binders that are slightly larger than the magnetic fasteners, and cut two pieces of circular cloth that are larger than the thickness of the binder.

Each side of the cloth is ironed with 2 fusible interlinings on the opposite side of the cloth, and then a magnetic cleat is placed on the cloth to mark the two punched holes.

After installing the gasket on the back, press the two feet flat, and then, after stitching along the cloth around the hand stitches for one round, first, the cloth sheet is gathered along the edge of the adhesive liner to gather the folded edge;

Now, you can attach the magnet to the desired position like a patch.

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