Did you find your big shoes?

This site September 22 hearing, a lot of girls' first luxury products began with brand-name sunglasses. Then I am afraid that is the luxury brand entry-level handbags. In fact, shoes are also a good choice.

First recommended, or the nude color of the two seasons are high-heeled shoes (pump). Heels with the same color as your skin color can stretch the leg shape properly. Even wearing a black, this color of high heels can still match. Moreover, whether it is with a wedding dress or dress, there is no problem.

These four pairs are from sergio rossi. The fish's beak is the kind of pattern that is barely exposed. If your big toe is too big, it may not be suitable. Of course, all the fish mouth styles require you to take care of your toenails.

Let’s take a look at ferragamo, which is the favorite of many white-collar workers. Its advantage is high visibility. Like Philippine white-collar workers, Hong Kong’s white-collar workers “have to go to Lane Crawford to get a promotion” and their reputation is deeply ingrained. The other advantage of the Philippine family's shoes is that it is really easy to wear. I have heard that wearing a 7cm round head varina to take a climbing mountain step.

What do you think of your intentions? I think it's more regulated. The pair on the left is a classic style. If you change colors, you may get married ok. You can also go to the office afterwards. After all, everyone knows it. In fact, another brand that started as a leather goods brand, Bally, can also look. I have had a pair of 10cm black heels with water platform, which is very stable. The bottom of the shoes is lined with soft material and it is quite comfortable to step on.

When I went to the Christian Louboutin pair of shoes, I felt a burst of excitement in my heart and immediately wanted to put it in the list of "Wedding shoes must buy." God, it was so beautiful. When you drilled out of a car and pulled a lace gauze to reveal the pair of shoes on your ankle, how amazing it was!

But after a while, think about it. First of all, usually wear, even in the evening, such a big flower on the ankle, what do you intend to wear above the pressure to live in? Second, even if the flower can be removed, into a pair of basic models of white fish mouth high heels, I also Not recommended to buy. I do not recommend buying any white leather shoes. Because white can scratch easily. The cheapest and most ugly thing is to dress up in a pair of dirty white heels.

If you have more money, you can buy it for you at home, play it all at once, and take a self-portrait on the mirror. This style, the use of weddings, is indeed a beautiful souvenir.

The last pair came from a real bride in the United States. The shoes came from miumiu. Those beautiful stones are worthy of the souvenir title.

Do you go through this kind of strapless high-heeled slippers? The teenager didn't do anything when I bought a pair of cheap clothes, and then he was dressed crazy. The shoes don't follow the feet at all, and because there is no back strap, the heel will come and go. I wore this kind of shoes in the morning when I was out. I came back in the evening and I changed my office slippers. (Cooperative Media: Shoe-like pictures Zuyun Nipper shoes)

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