An official flagship store romantic autumn new genuine sleeveless vest to ease the embarrassment of clothing

In the golden nine silver ten this awkward season, wear a jacket too hot, wear short sleeves and has the slightest coolness, this time sleeveless vest to help. Wild vest style not only gives you just the right temperature and make modeling more Aspect. Romantic season fashion women's official flagship store 2014 autumn new stylish vest, quickly take a look at it.


A romantic autumn 2014 new fashion personality irregular hem with thin wool knit cardigan, heap collar design more youthful vitality, knitted hook flower casual soft, warm and elegant, irregular hem fold form to mention leg movements elegant. Fresh red sand green is a very literary arts.

浪漫一身官方旗舰店秋装新款正品  无袖马甲缓解穿衣尴尬

Romantic a 2014 autumn new fashion sweet lotus leaf collar long before and after the short self-cultivation vest, lotus leaf front to create a soft and personalized shape, the edge of the edge of the handle beautiful and delicate, crisp and down the quality of the fabric more profile, vest shape Fashion wild, just the right temperature just warm.

浪漫一身官方旗舰店秋装新款正品  无袖马甲缓解穿衣尴尬

Romantic 2014 autumn and winter new fashion sweet detachable hit color stitching retro wool vest, daisy buttons beautiful and exquisite retro feeling strong, detachable stitching detachable design more wild, retro round neck to create cascading visual effects, waist and waist design free to wear belt, let Modeling more sense of line.

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