Hangzhou East Railway Station security arrested two jewelry thieves

At about 3 pm on September 25, Zhang Chong, a railway policeman at the East Railway Station, stood at the security checkpoint at the entrance to the west. "I accidentally saw two men, it seems to be talking, but one of them eyes from time to time. Zhang Chong said that one of the two men carrying a bag while the other was empty, both dressed as migrant workers, and the clothes were not clean.

When the two men approached the security inspection machine, Zhang Chong casually asked one of the men: Do you know him? The other party immediately answered and did not know. "I am a bit strange, obviously talking, how can I not admit it? And I looked at them, their tickets are linked." Zhang Chong was alert.

When the baggage passed the security check, a man was asked by Zhang Chong, and the man fell behind him. He squinted at the man in front and let the other party take the bag first. This scene is being monitored by Zhang Chong. So Zhang Chong picked up the bag and said to the man who was walking behind: You don’t know him, how can he let him take the bag? When the man heard it, he panicked.

When Zhang Chong opened the package inspection, he was even more shocked. The bag was full of gold jewelry. Less than 100,000 yuan was said. "What are you doing?" "Working." "How come with so many gold jewelry?" "That was bought in 2001, this time brought back to my hometown."

Zhang Chong noticed that the other side particularly emphasized that it was bought in 2001, but he found that many of them were new in the last two years. I thought that these two people must have problems.

A question, sure enough.

Later, the two men explained that on the morning of the 25th, they stole a safe in Wujiang, took a bus from Nanxun to Hangzhou, and then prepared to take the train to their hometown Hunan. Wu Jiang police said that the safe deposit box of the local Shengze one business owner was smashed, and the gold jewelry inside was worth 180,000 yuan.

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