Coincidence Fashion 2015 Spring/Summer Fashion Week Performance "Sunshine Vacation" Vacation Delusion

Coinciding apparel will bring the 2015 Spring-Summer Fashion Week with the theme of “Sunshine Vacation” to Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou from October 7th to October 9th. During this fashion week, Jiaozuo, Tta. Tta, 10 Seaons, Emilie Louis and CHIAO SY will be presented in both dynamic and static forms. MARELLELLAROSATI and ROBERTA SCARPA will be presented in a static form.

The seven brands displayed this time will use colorful art and romance to describe the spring and summer 2015 epidemic. On stage T, coincident costumes also invited Wang Xinyu, a Taiwanese supermodel who had the reputation of “Xiaolin Zhiling” to attend. The sweet and sweet Wang Xinxuan had many big shows such as Dior, Vanletino and Gucci. In the coincidence fashion dress stage, Wang Xinlu led the models to bring an incomparable visual feast to the guests on the scene.

Imagine the spring-summer 2015 episode. Let's review the exciting moments of the coincidence show.

Emilie Louis

Emilie Louis was founded in 2010 by Emilie, who graduated from the University of the Arts in London, and Louis, from the Esmod Academy in Paris. Emilie Louis's fashion is an elegant and sexy feminine figure by combining British neatness and French-style gorgeous details. In the Spring/Summer 2015 collection, the designers' twins brought their thoughts to the exotic Hawaii, interpreting the mood of sports and nature with vivid colors of vitamins and ice cream.

10 Seasons

The 10 Seasons brand from Taiwan emphasizes the rich vitality of fashion, playing with creativity, playing fashion, playing style, and playing mashups to lead the brand. In the spring and summer of 2015, 10 Seansons overturned the color palette of the studio and used rich colors to spill pleasant graffiti and abstract paper-cut on the fashion.


The brand Jiaozuo described the 2015 spring/summer collection with artistic strokes. Black and white lines and patterns reveal the deconstruction of Picasso's Cubism and the graffiti of street graffiti art.

Tta. Tta

The brand Tta. Tta has always been dedicated to creating exquisite and elegant fashion and pretty dress style. In spring and summer of 2015, it is jacquard with light weight abstract large-scale patterns, complex printed ribbons and weaving techniques, mild lake color and gorgeous beadwork. Gem and the contrast of crack effect and pattern color with fabric weaving and embroidery, unveil mysterious and sweet spring and summer time.


In the spring and summer of 2015, CHIAO SY, emphasizing the coexistence of elegant style and exquisite luxury, first opened the door to the spring garden, with bright colors, soft lace and lotus leaf, delicate jacquard, and hollow. Pattern and soft snow yarn. This was followed by the Carnival of Arts: Pop's female portraits and stylish jewellery. In a strong saturated color, a visual feast of a collision was created. The soft texture and precise tailoring gave rise to Tahitian's infatuation with Gauguin. female.


In the spring and summer of 2015, the brand Mariellarosati uses smooth cut blouses and comfortable tight trousers to exemplify sporty women. With a sleek but sexy look, the zipper A-line dress and full-colored flowers infuse this sport. A trace of charm.

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