Italian Wassa underwear urgent move agents settled in Henan Jinbo large shopping plaza

At present, our brand in [Henan Jinbo large shopping plaza], has the location of underwear area, no rental deduction mode, the Division brand concessions more favorable conditions to join our brand, no franchise deposit, low investment and low pressure without risk Return of cooperation and win-win mode, currently in the city of Hibi Shancheng District (Changfeng Road and Chaoyangxia Street intersection) and Xinxiang City, Changyuan County (Shanhaisheng Avenue and Grace Avenue intersection), the two cities have a large shopping mall I Secretary brand location, if intentions, more concessions please contact us promptly.


[Golden Bo Shopping Center]

Golden Bo Shopping Center Co., Ltd. (the site referred to as Golden Bo Shopping Center) is the new rise of Zhengzhou City, a privately-run modern commercial enterprises. The company mainly engaged in a 50,000 square meters of shopping malls and joint ventures with Shanghai Lianhua Erqi Road shop, Bibo Park stores, three shops by three areas are more than 8,000 square meters in the large supermarket chains, the total turnover Covering an area of ​​nearly 100,000 square meters, the company deals with hundreds of thousands kinds of commodities such as men's and women's garments, jewelry watches, leather goods make-up, home appliances bedding and foodstuffs, and introduces international catering brands such as McDonald's and Pizza Hut.



[INVARIA meaning Awana ] underwear for European and domestic professional team of designers, they lead the Italian Awana products the main driving force towards the avant-garde, bringing together more than a decade of design experience, a thorough understanding of women's underwear (ages 20-40 ) High-end consumer as the main target. The use of Embroidery lace embroidery-based decoration, the pursuit of fashion and comfort, the use of lace fabric to create a sexy and elegant quality, composed of a unique style. The idea and design of Italian Wana designer is drawn from the natural beauty of the United States, the female favorite graphics, colors and other rich elements of art, cleverly constitute a section of exquisite underwear, combined with the spring, summer, autumn and winter, forming a variety of taste Popular series.

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