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Blink of an eye is a brand new 2012, and took the occasion of the New Year, Shenzhen background Garments Co., Ltd. all employees new and old customers and friends to wish Happy New Year: extra cash, Maestro Italy, backgammon, Spring Hannaford!

底色 - Dins

Background color manager Li Zhiguo

Hong Kong Wei Hao (International) Fashion Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, is a collection of clothing trade, wholesale, retail and manufacturing diversified into one of the enterprise groups, the annual output of 400,000 garments, all production equipment imported to Germany, Japan , The United States and other countries and regions, first-class workforce, first-class production technology, strong capital, strict management tools, tree image, a brand management of the road to development. From the French fashion brand cutting-edge brand Dins by Wei Hao Group in April 2010 the successful introduction of the mainland in 2008, French companies in Singapore, Japan, the two core shopping areas to establish a strong end market and chain stores, background into the Japan, Singapore brand new myths and modern fashion Women 's advocates, quickly attracted the attention of the local fashion media coverage, Wei Hao (International) in 2009 to start domestic preparations.


Background color Dins brand from the fashion capital - France, the background color brand dazzling performance mainly due to its design and modern life style blend, the background Dins in a more desirable way to show "beautiful" exist. The background color women's style will be simple and European through different ways to distinguish the audience with the crowd, the modern city of women respected, identity, shared culture and value show, "Let myself be yourself, let a woman become a real woman" to show fashion , Simple, atmospheric, beautiful clothes style. In the perfect balance between fashion and aesthetics, the background color of women's luxury inadvertently infiltrated every detail, the background color Dins with unique taste and creative ideas, cast a distinctive background color style.

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