Shuimu a village of women's wear to create the wonderful work in the industry

" Shuimu a village " zero franchise fee, zero margin, free to provide the image of the franchise decoration (door image, display panels, a specific area Yi Labao Hangxiang, the first outdoor printing) and outdoor giant advertising inkjet, store opening leaflets Wait.


Purchase discount low : "Mizuki a village," all products are offered at the lowest discount price tag. Our ultra-bottom discount with the brand price of the supplier, to ensure that customers high profits.
The quality of the goods is good and the style is complete : "Shuimu Village" has long been cooperating with the first- and second-tier brands in the country and has brought together Shanghai School (Shanghai), Hangzhou School (WENZHOU), WENPAR (WENZHOU), Hanpai (Wuhan) Guangdong big brand, high quality, and products covered spring, summer, autumn and winter season should be women , fashion, ladies, leisure - cloud clothes Ni shadow; charm to do.
Excellent service attitude : "Mizuki a village" 24-hour customer service hotline, waiting for your call. Urgent urgently, think of what you think. Establish a good reputation, do business integrity, professional enthusiasm of the business guidance, easy management, stable and make money!

水木一村女装 打造女装行业中的奇葩

Delivery speed : We have a well-equipped logistics department, good packaging, immediately contact the logistics company, staff pick-up, efficient and convenient logistics and distribution, dedicated logistics team for the franchisee to provide the security of goods and the arrival of goods , Franchisees greatly won the market sales opportunities and the deployment of goods space.
After-sales service : customer service all-weather waiting, there are problems, just a phone call, or QQ, email contact, we immediately solve for you!
Quick update of goods : "Mizuki One Village" long-term cooperation with major brands, updated four or five times a month goods, each week has a different new products for the franchisee to choose!
Clothing 0 Stock : 100% cross-quarter replacement, zero risk, zero inventory, for you to remove all worries!

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