Fragrant underwear achievements of your life-long wealth of the beautiful cause

Shenzhen, Hong Beauty Garments Co., Ltd. is a professional women's body shaping underwear research and development, design, production, sales and franchise chain of functional underwear business. Products include body shaping underwear, underwear, beam pants, corsets, seamless underwear, lingerie, home service and so on.


Shenzhen, Hong Beauty has many years of single-processing underwear history. For Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea H & M.SECRET.AUBADE.LEJAY.RTRATTI and other international brands to OEM OEM, with rich production experience and first-class processing equipment. Based on many years engaged in the OEM experience, Hong beauty started in 2003 to hire a doctor's degree to study in France, in the Italian fashion underwear serving Hong Kong designer ---- Ms. Pan Sha is an honorary design director. Ms. Pan Sha will be the design concept of Europe and the United States combined with the physical characteristics of Asian women, led the design team for development. Shenzhen, Hong-li functional trim underwear design combined with the female body medicine, human body mechanics, ergonomics, fat flow, human aesthetics, body meridian and other six major disciplines developed functional trim underwear industry-leading level.

香丽人内衣  成就你终身财富的美丽事业

Shenzhen Xiang Li people in: the quality of the mother is the spirit of the quality of the people. Enhance Chinese women's physical fitness. Shenzhen beauty business mission. Mission determines the responsibility. Fragrance functional conditioning underwear in line with: science, health, fashion, sexy. Let the world's first-class female figure in China! Be our goal.

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