Love home textiles, you are advised to pay attention to pillow hygiene

Pillows are indispensable daily necessities in our lives. They can be used not only in bedtime but also in bedclothes and bedding, but also in sofas and chairs for daytime work and leisure. People often only pay attention to cleaning and changing the bedding, pillow towel and pillowcase, but pay little attention to pillow hygiene.

As everyone knows, when sleeping every night, the pillow is the "throat road" that is passed by the dirty atmosphere of the cockroach. In addition, when the person sleeps, the impure gas exhaled in a large amount penetrates, and the sweat and dirt secreted by the scalp make the pillow become "dirty mess". "The filth of dirt". I love you home textiles to remind you: treat pillows properly and pay attention to the health of bedding.

Sometimes when we clean the bedding, the pillowcase and the quilt cover and the bed sheet are washed and washed together. In fact, the outer pillow towel and the pillowcase are simply cleaned, but the plaque is not cured. The filth in the pillow core cannot be removed.

Therefore, I like you to love home textiles. You should take the pillows and pillows frequently to dry and disinfect them. Keep them hygienic. It is best to open the pillow bag and dry the inside of the bag in the sun. After the sun is finished, put it in. The cleaned pillow core bag ensures that the pillow is thoroughly disinfected in the sun to ensure the health of the pillow. Of course, in conditional families, in addition to drying the pillows, the pillows should be replaced frequently. According to the advice of medical experts, the pillows should be changed at least once every two years, preferably once a week.

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