SEO diagnostics and several dimensions of the effectiveness of the implementation

[China Glass Network] Whether we take over a new website to conduct SEO services or prepare to plan a new website to use SEO for online marketing and network promotion, knowing SEO diagnosis and SEO execution planning are very important, here said by the time the diagnosis of SEO we do not believe that the site is narrow down the right diagnosis so it is necessary to do some work needs to salvage, and to a need to optimize existing website for <br> <br> first of all diagnostic program at SEO writing major From the following aspects:

Before conducting an SEO on an established website, it should be analyzed and diagnosed. 1. After determining the target keywords of the website, analyze the degree of competition of the keywords, the Baidu index, and the long tail keywords covered. This step analysis is helpful for the later analysis website SEO for keyword optimization space improvement. 2. Analyze website server IP independence or not, speed and security, whether it is downgraded (site:, inclusion), friendship link quality, number of external links, Website update frequency, website inclusion (note that this does not refer to the number of inclusions but refers to the percentage of inclusion, if the website only has more than 45 pages included in the 50 pages, indicating that the percentage is very good, such as SEO362 points com this site, can continue to increase in the later period Quality content)

3. Analyze the website structure (such as DIV+CSS or table), static or not, whether the URL is unified, whether the path, website map, website directory depth, website navigation 4, website META label (title, keyword, description), key Word layout, keyword density, picture alt, H1-H6 tag 5, web page size, FLASH check, image size optimization, redundant code optimization, CSS separate placement, web page signal to noise ratio 6, whether there is 301 redirect, 404 page , robots file 7, website directory page, website final page title setting and keyword and long tail keywords, related keyword settings 8, website internal links, anchor text settings, citation comments and other interactive details 9, must be removed Website dead link, analyze the number of one-way export links of the website 10, analyze the similarity between the web pages 11, analyze whether the article or product page has relevant content sections, whether the website homepage has updated article section 12, check JS code and IFRAME, etc. The code that is popular with search engines, check whether the website adds website statistics, 13. Know whether the website has black hats, external chain group, purchase chain, and power reduction. 14 history, the richness of the site's content, content and keyword relevance, in the form of the chain (Home URL outside the chain, outside the chain of keywords, the website page outside the chain) as well as outside the chain of site <br> <br> Second, for existing websites, the following points should be noted for SEO implementation:

1. Prerequisites – According to the SEO diagnostic plan, it is determined whether the website server first considers whether it needs to be replaced, whether it wants 301 domain name redirection, or whether the website static generation is necessary.

2, the front stage - according to the SEO diagnostic program to carry out changes in the internal optimization details of the site, be careful not to change the site title on a large scale, be careful to be blocked by Baidu.

3. The second stage: Make a modified snapshot of the appropriate external link update website.

4. The third stage: website update, long tail keywords, related keywords, website internal chain, website submission, website map submission, updated article page address submission and external chain release.

5, the fourth stage: friendship link exchange 6, the fifth stage: the release of high-quality external links, attention to the number and relevance, the stability of the external chain.

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