Mu Yi brand women's fashion designed for beauty and design

Musesyiun wood next brand women's mental age of 25-38 year old urban women design, the pursuit of simple, stylish, intellectual design style designed for; grasp the perfect combination of materials and technology, adding stylish and sophisticated decor craft and decorative accessories to reflect the style Distinctive characteristics, modern women's personality style map. Musesyiun love life, have their own unique view of clothing, at the same time desire to change themselves with fashion, change life.


Wood Yi brand women's spring and summer 2012 new product display

According to urban white-collar women's lifestyle and tailor-made to meet the working women's multi-functional dress needs. Both to meet the casual needs of leisure casual fashion, but also to meet the needs of formal occasions access to the high-grade and business executive suits, section boutique. Full of women in formal occasions and leisure life harmony and balance of beauty. "To create a stylish urban white-collar women" is Musesyiun wooden next brand commitment to every professional woman!

木翌品牌女装  专为时尚爱美人士而设计

Wood Yi brand women's spring and summer 2012 new product display

Wood Yi: A vibrant life, full of hope for the future. Concept: for life, fashion beauty and design. Positioning: 23-38 years old, monthly income of more than 2500 mature, steady, elegant white-collar fashionista. Price: 200-1500, for the considerable purchasing power, pay attention to quality, taste and personality of consumer groups. Goal: to become the pioneer of the trend, the best in the industry. Mission: to promote exquisite life, to achieve lasting value. Style: beautiful, elegant, the atmosphere to express the beauty of urban women moving and confident.

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