essentie to shan shanghai international brand lingerie show shine

Hong Kong's well-known underwear brand essentie to Sharu will once again debut Shenzhen International brand underwear show, essentie to Shasi since its inception in Hong Kong in 1999, the clever use of European-style fashion, the Oriental beauty rhyme design concept adopted by the international Oeko-Tex Standard 100 standard certification Environmental protection raw materials, the use of the United States GERBER costume design playing board system, the first in the domestic underwear industry to introduce three-dimensional volume cutting technology, to create healthy, stylish and comfortable products to meet the modern new women's personal intimate needs.


Essentie to grow more than ten years, Sharu became the new strength of the domestic first-line fashion underwear brand, has opened in China more than a number of direct sales stores and department stores counters, and access to many domestic franchisees recognized the current franchise stores have been distributed many First and second tier cities. In order to repay the support of the vast number of merchants, essentie to Sharu provided a very competitive policy, combined with strong branding support, joint professional and passionate management team work together to join the vast number of merchants to create wealth and brilliant career.

At the appointed time, Essentie will share Essentie's unique 2012 Blu-ray Phantom series with Shakespeare and the majority of attendees. This series of products using noble blue, with sparkling rhinestone-shaped rose pattern, the use of high-grade imported environmentally friendly fabrics, filling the feminine charm. essentie led the high-quality lifestyle with her, adhering to the concept of health, fashion, comfort, commitment to women.

essentie 以莎内衣 深圳国际品牌内衣展闪耀新姿

The Seventh Shenzhen International Brand Underwear Fair, Essentie to Shakespeare will present her shine gesture.

Application :
•  Gardening, Household Chores, General Maintenance, Janitorial & Cleaning ,Light industry, Agricultural, Sanitation departments for daily life to protect hands, such as in window cleaning ,gardening, dish washing, car cleaning, office cleaning ,fishery industry and so on.

Features :
•  Ergonomic design ensures perfect fitting and prevent hand fatigue.
•  Good tactile sensitivity and protection against animal fats, vegetable oils, mild acids and alkalis, detergent and alcohols.
•  The patterned palm and fingers give excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions.
•   More comfort and better absorption of perspiration.

Caution :
• Don't touch sharp things .
• Don't use directly on the fire or high temperature place.
• After use, put it in the place with good ventilation and make it dry to prepare for use of next time.

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