Charming night hold up a curtain blue fantasy --- Show Dai underwear

With the arrival of summer, the sky began to little stars, interstellar look, we venting travel this summer show Dai designers to star for the creative origin, to bring the girls love fantasy dreamy enjoyment. Delicate texture of super-fine swim printing fabrics with romantic stars embroidery lace, starry, charming night hold a curtain blue dreamy.


This season with glossy printing convenient with coat, front curve elegant and beautiful. Thin under the 3/4 thick thin cup naturally show gathered chest curve, curved folder bit higher design can better wrap underarm fat, side widened double glue, strong side push, while preventing fat reflux, side 肶Choose innovative and comfortable double-row magic bone glue, easy to breathe freely out of the chest restraint.

"Confident woman, happy life," because show Dai, so we will color the life of the more gorgeous painting ... ... elegant and not publicity, simple and not simple, tailor the details of each show are the wonderful show Hideyoshi Dai with a ubiquitous surprise, reflecting the joy of life, bring you unparalleled caring feelings. Young spirit, exquisite comfort, natural beauty, show Dai to romantic style, to bring you elegant quality of life, showing the dazzling light of femininity! Confident, like a show Dai!

Our crystal Candelabras is well used in wedding and home decoration. It has many design, 3 lights, 4 lights, 5 lights, please contact for more details.                                                    

We have kinds molds for your selection, and we also could  customize glass candelabras according to your design, and we could do diffrent effects including solid color, spraying color, electroplating, ion-plating, logo engraving and printing, liquid luster and hand-drawing.


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