2012 summer dress with Angelababy endorsement shoot b+ab2012 spring and summer women's new

b+ab is a Hong Kong brand founded in 1995 and is affiliated with I•T Group. Its design direction is based on the trend of young Japanese fashion girls. It has a distinctive image and offers young girls a variety of personalized and stylish clothing.

2012 summer dress with Angelababy endorsement shoot b+ab2012 spring and summer women's new

b+ab2012 spring and summer women's clothing

In terms of design, b+ab combines modern classics, simple fashion and elegant styles of the 20s and 30s with modern elements, so that each b+ab item has a rich texture, simple and vivid lines, retro The styling, creating a nostalgic fashion, detailed design and exquisite tailoring, coupled with elegant outlines, make b+ab more distinctive and more perfect.

In terms of color, whether it is spring and summer or autumn and winter are rich, purple, yellow, royal blue and reflective material color, full of nostalgic feeling, retro gas full, white, pink, gray, mint and other soft color set sweet and Romance in one, with a light fabric, gives a light and elegant feeling, and distributes the feminine beauty. Stylish sci-fi color is also the main color, black, gold, and silver all show a romantic and futuristic sense.

Details of the decoration, in addition to the soft feel of the superior material can highlight soft romantic, shiny or metallic effect of the material will also be used, bright flashing beads, crystal, gold and silver car lines, gold and silver piping, large bow will let b + Ab's design is more stylish.

Angelababy shoots b+ab2012 spring and summer women's collection. To tie in with the Gypsy theme, makeup, hairstyles and props are used with national colors such as butterflies and sequins. Under the lens Angelababy swings the skilled Pose consistently, revealing the unique Gypsy sweet feeling.

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