Summer mat maintenance is square

The hot summer is coming, the mat is a must-have for the summer. While everyone is enjoying the cool pleasure, don't forget to give your mat a good look! Let's let Xiaobian introduce you to a few tips for the maintenance of a few mats:

Bamboo mat maintenance: Bamboo mats should not be exposed to avoid brittleness; when laying bamboo mats, keep the bed flat, so as not to break. It is best to wipe it with warm water after going to bed every day before going to bed. This will make the bamboo mat reddish in advance and thus cooler.

Eye-catching points: open the air conditioner overnight, preferably 26 ° C. To sleep on the mat, be sure to cover the abdomen, shoulders and other parts with a thin blanket, do not get cold, to prevent diarrhea, colds and even spinal diseases and frozen shoulder. The mirror mirror has good performances such as moisture absorption, breathability, antibacterial and antibacterial, deodorization and UV protection.

Rattan maintenance: Before use, wipe the front and back of the mat with a warm and damp towel, and dry it before use. Wipe frequently during use to keep the mat clean and smooth. When the air humidity is high, keep the room ventilated and prevent mildew.

Eye-catching points: The mats made of ropes, shackles, and grass are allergic to people, and those who use bamboo and rattan have less allergies. The versatile Yateng mat is made of 100% wood pulp fiber, which is insect-proof and hypoallergenic.

Leather mat care: During use, regularly wash the mat with a slightly damp towel to remove perspiration. If you find any smudges, just wipe it with a damp towel. Never wash it with water. It should not be exposed to sunlight or baked with an open flame. When the cowhide is used for a long time, there will be pores and skin lines, which are naturally formed and do not require special maintenance measures.

Summer mat maintenance is square

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