Brilliance - a turning point in my life


Life has always been plain to spend, there is no ups and downs or turning point, but the more people feel more and feel that they are a little passion in life, though not in a timely manner to make a decision, but there has been such an idea of ​​changing their own lives To break into a break.

My husband and I can discuss when you can work in the shop, but did not know what kind of shop to open a home. Want to do the business of apparel, but found that the dazzling are clothing stores, as well as the home brother home is open men, do not want to repeat, that day and brother shop next to an underwear shop owner chatting, he told me about himself Business history, he joined a well-known brand, belongs to the first-line brand, but he said less traffic, the first day of his opening day came three people, one bought, earned nine dollars. I heard this industry can not, but look at the boss now is a prosperous business, or could not help but go online to check the underwear brand to join.

Really clever, I saw the beauty of the brand, to be honest, I was attracted by her name, I feel very emotional name, so I opened the point of view, from which I also learned that we Yingli beauty underwear brand is three lines Underwear brand, the price of popular, so I think the market should be more broad. After discussing with her husband, we decided to go to Guangzhou Yingzi beauty headquarters to inspect. The head office really received us with great enthusiasm. By examining the scale and background of the company, she found that she has grown more than 6 years and is now full of vigor Stride forward. So we are very confident of their signed affiliate contract. Later, our development proved that our decision at that time was decisive.

I am very disappointed with the business. I am a working clan who runs nine to five nights. But when I opened a shop for more than two months, I resolutely gave up a few years of work, really started my underwear business. Thanks to Yingzili beauty company's guidance to me, I can from a do not understand the office workers become a capable business people. The guidance of the head office to my shop really gave me too much help. Even before the opening, I helped to pick up the shop to do the design drawing. I am very grateful to them. For a long time, our development is still very smooth. The shops The bigger I was, the better my business was from the boss I asked. I was really happy, I do not have to worry about my traffic, I have a very large and stable customers, they are very satisfied with my business, the brand of underwear, especially the quality of the underwear, really satisfied. So I have such a brilliant development.

The indissoluble bond between me and the beautiful woman really made my life a turning point. I hope my business will be more and more prosperous, pride and beauty will go as far as possible.

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