The beauty of simplicity - the beach fashion dress

On the beach, "Bath Fire Phoenix" and "Bath Fire Phoenix" symbolize the mysterious and eternal evolution. Its immortal image shows the evolution of contemporary China. From the brand new women's and men's collections to this time advertising video, Shanghai Beach recounts the legendary rebirth of the Phoenix - rising from the ashes of fire, a show of beauty, reborn with stubborn will. With a series of intense and soul-inspiring images, the 2012 Spring / Summer series of advertisements captures the tenacity, charm and economic power of contemporary China and demonstrates a culture that has always been self-reliant and fascinating. It focuses on the beauty of the plain, the vague appearance - even if the barren and depressing land, there are endless possibilities. Color covers a series of subtle variations of dull, desolate, earthy organic tone, from licorice black, charcoal to light green and red. Innovative printing to the classic interpretation of the modern, phoenix pattern took a lava effect, re-interpretation of the traditional pattern of canine teeth pattern. Burning color implies the moment when Phoenix reborn from the ashes. Lotus, a fresh flower of the lotus pond without stains, a symbol of pure, hope and beauty, she turned into a unique digital printing, seen in the cheongsam and jacket, or embroidered in silk trench coat on top. Not to be missed style also uses a hexagonal lace, new, high texture geometric fabrics; In addition, there are also season's essential tunic - silk and cotton stacked.

Choose the natural raw materials, each work is full of the breath of nature.

Quietly elegant of colour and lustre, feel the natural amorous feelings.

Fire makes sweet malt, make your life different.

The baby's exclusive tableware, environmental technology, zero pollution, zero - formaldehyde, give the baby a guarantee of health.

When you are surrounded by these natural gift, I think it is happiness.

Bamboo Fiber Fork

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