Bennian 2012 fashion shirt interpretation of OL handsome handsome temperament

Shirt is an indispensable OL fashion wardrobe closet, simple design, smooth lines, quiet demure appearance has always been favored by the OL, but also an essential summer selection. Bin Man fashion women's 2012 spring and summer, especially the introduction of a variety of stylish and beautiful, handsome personality shirt, and pants with simple and elegant, free and easy interpretation of OL are able handsome image! Spring has arrived in April, a quick selection of the most suitable for your equipment, so that you from the ordinary old-fashioned OL promoted most favored staff!


Chiffon is a woman's favorite material, looming vision, both floating romantic atmosphere, but also able to rate the atmosphere. Necklace sweet pink bow lively and elegant, elegant and rate sexual intercourse.

缤蔓2012时尚衬衫 演绎OL洒脱俊美气质

Dots and chiffon is the fashion trend of the two elements will never be eclipsed, patchwork dot to make this simple shirt adds a little playful, chiffon material allows you to refreshing summer, faint nude color reveals the elegance of slightest With intellectual temperament!

缤蔓2012时尚衬衫 演绎OL洒脱俊美气质

Romantic nude color shirts are usually OL's beloved, both from its easy to take features, but also from its mature and elegant atmosphere, unique hem design, cover up the extra fat, outline the body lines, bloom fashion charm!

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Yarn Dyed Fabric

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