Nirvana Men warm and not weak, romantic and not let go

neezz Brand history: neezz From Edinburgh, UK, in 1954, the founder of the brand, William N'Ochi, was very interested in art since he was famous for his family and family. In the same year, he was alone Go to Paris to study art. Cultural, artistic style of collision, so that he was deeply sentiment, in the course of his employment in the famous fashion company; became his turning point in artistic life, he tried to art and his gentleman culture into the clothing among them, the bold The fashion design style of "warmth rather than weakness, romance and indulgence" subverts the inherent pattern of rigid, steady and dignified men's fashion at the time, and became the most influential fashion designer at that time. He is accustomed to sewing a gold thread "n" on the cuffs of ready-made dresses to make it even more icing on the cake. This art logo, gradually accepted by people, affectionately called him neezz (Nijker). Nigerian popularity in Paris quickly spread to Britain, the gentleman in the British metropolis are dumping for his fashion design, almost all of Britain's influential fashion company also extended his olive branch. In 1979, he returned to England, and in August of the same year he started his first fashion house at jermynstreet, the famous uniformed street in London. With neezz as the brand name, he started to customize the service. Adhering to gentleman's culture, artistic temperament, rigorous workmanship and excellent fabrics, neezz is rapidly gaining popularity. Its pure British aristocratic descent was once favored by the royal family and enjoyed a very high prestige in the upper class. In 1983 the rapid expansion of the brand, the same year launched the first brand clothing release, into the garment market. Neezz thus began its brand development. Neezz positioning: 1, consumer age positioning: age 30 to 40-year-old male 2, positioning of consumer groups: under the pressure of the city self-regulation, self-release, fond of natural life fashion men 3, the design concept: , Borrow the inspiration of nature to return to the state of mind 4, product positioning: self-esteem release, easy and comfortable to wear 5, style positioning: urban leisure, personalized leisure. 6, price positioning: high-end men's clothing 7, the spirit of goods: free, comfortable, natural, casual

Dress shoes with T-bar is a shoe to be worn at smart casual or more formal events. A dress shoe is typically contrasted to an athletic shoe,and T-bar is one special Style of dress shoes.

Dress shoes are worn by many as their standard daily shoes, and are widely used in dance, for parties, and for special occasions.

Kids Dress Shoes are also called ladies shoes or doll shoes. It is literally pure, cute and sweet. This style of shoes is mostly flat and wedge shoes. There are few high-heeled shoes. Princess shoes emphasize Simple, feminine, so the color is more than beige, khaki, pink and other soft colors, the toe style is generally round head, on the popular elements, decorated with bows and flowers, highlighting the sweet style.

Genuine Leather Kids Dress Shoes With T-bar Sizes

Mostly sizes we make for Kids Dress Shoes With T-bar Sizes shoes are in 0-6month, 6-12month, 12-18month, 18-24month, and we also use hard rubber sole for Kids Moccasins in larger sizes beyond 2 years old,

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Kids T-bar Shoes

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