Qingdao wig factory Chongtian flame even burning 3 factories smoked 7 hours

Automobile accessory factory set off fire

"I got up at 3 o'clock in the bathroom. When I found a red glow outside the window, when I rushed outside the house, the car accessories factory next door had become a pot of porridge, and many workers were sipping a fire. Mr. Miao, who is operating a waste collection station near the train station in Qingdao, Shandong Province, recalls that the scene of the fire was still a little scary. He told reporters that this auto accessories factory had just had a big fire last year, and there was a lot of paper in his waste collection station. Shell plastic, almost burned in the last fire, found that after the fire he quickly woke up the workers at the acquisition station and the janitor around a garment factory, and called 119 for help. "This fire seems to be from the workshop Inside, I was standing on the platform on the 2nd floor. I saw more than 10 windows in the workshop of the car accessory factory more than 50 meters long. The inside of the workshop also heard a muffled sound from time to time, and the flame was loud once. The workers were yelling as if the paint in the workshop had exploded. "Another witness, Mr. Yang said.

The fire ignited the next yard cargo yard

"The wind was blowing northwest last night. The fire from the workshop rushed to the southeast by the wind. We can still see the flame of more than 1 meter across the wall of the car attachment factory more than two meters high." Mr. told reporters that after the fire, the employees of the auto accessories factory mobilized to extinguish the fire, but the fire was too big. It was impossible to control the use of portable fire extinguishers or splashing water with the washbasin. The wall of the southeast side of the train was the yard where the construction company piled up the plates and construction tools. The plates leaning against the wall piled up more than 4 meters high. At about 4 o'clock, the plates were ignited by the fire and began to smoke outside.

The reporter learned that the first batch of firefighters rushed to the scene very quickly, but the water carried in the car was quickly used up, and the fire hydrant could not be found near the fire site. Firefighters can only contact the 119 Command Center for emergency reinforcements and send a water truck to the vicinity to find fire hydrants to receive water.

A wall across the wig is threatened

"The fire workshop is separated from my raw material warehouse by a wall. Fortunately, we have already done some fire prevention measures. The windows of the warehouse are completely sealed with iron sheets. Otherwise, the hair of more than 5 million yuan in my warehouse will be stacked like the next-door construction site. The owner of a nearby wig factory told reporters that the car accessory factory next door mainly produces auto parts such as roof covers for heavy trucks. It may be because there are more orders. During this time, the workers are almost 24 hours. When you work, you should have workers in the fire.

“The flame that broke through the wall after the fire broke out in the workshop first burned the wires outside the wall of the wig factory. The glass of the warehouse was then baked by the high temperature. Fortunately, the metal seal blocked the flame spread, waiting for more than 50 of our workers to find the fire. When rushing into the warehouse, the tin of the window was burnt red.” The wig factory owner said that the hair used to make the wig is very easy to burn. Once it is fired, it is instantly burned to ashes. He immediately organizes the staff to water the iron to cool down. The stock wigs were transferred to other factories, and it was probably busy until 5 am that all the hair was safely robbed. "The fire not only burned the outer walls of our factory, but also burned the wires, causing more than 50 workers in our factory to start working." The boss said he was preparing to claim compensation from the auto accessories factory after the fire broke out.

Diffuse smoke on Jinshui Road

“When I drove through Jinshui Road, I saw the smoke on the roadside, and the vision was unclear. I could only slow down.” When the reporter rushed to the scene of the fire, he connected to the enthusiastic driver to dial the report. When driving to Binhai Avenue, there is still 1 km away from Jinshui Road. At the time, I was able to see a smog on the Jinshui Road. Nearly 100 vehicles were forced to drive slowly in the smoke. Three or four fire water trucks stopped at Jinshui Road and Heilongjiang Road. Firefighters unscrewed the fire hydrant. Watering the car, one of the firefighters told reporters that they had been spraying water for more than two hours in the fire. He was already driving for the third time.

The reporter looked in the direction of the thick smoke. On the dirt road next to the No. 208 Auto Accessories Factory on Jinshui Road, the firefighters had already laid a water belt nearly 100 meters long. The firefighters set up high-pressure water guns and could not see clearly. In the smoke of the people, the reporter tried several times to follow the firefighters into the thick smoke, but because the smoke from the north wind was too horrible, he could not enter the plate yard still in the fire.

The fire is under control

"The fire in the workshop of the auto accessory factory has been extinguished now, but the situation of the plates and construction machinery piled up on the construction site is too complicated. Although the fire is gradually suppressed, there is no way to completely extinguish it." At 7 am, the firefighters The reporter said. The reporter climbed up to the second floor of the nearby garment factory and saw that the north side wall of the train was completely blackened by smoke. In the middle of the workshop and the adjacent simple room, there was still no fire left. Two fire engines were driven into the car accessories factory. Continue to clear the remaining fire, the reporter showed that the identity hopes to enter the car accessories factory interview, but was rejected by the staff, and is not willing to explain the cause of the fire. The reporter then followed the firefighters to climb the roof of the warehouse near the wig factory to see that almost all the equipment and materials in the workshop of the car attachment factory separated by a wall were burned in the fire, leaving only black ruins in the workshop.

In the thick smoke, several firefighters stepped on the plate and climbed onto the roof to spray water from a number of positions to the still smoky plate. The reporter noticed that there were tower crane parts and cement mixers in the middle of the burnt plate pile. The cement mixer mouth still smoked yellow smoke outside. “We have already extinguished the open flame on the upper layer of the sheet pile, but there is still a lot of wood in the lower layer of the sheet pile burning, and the smoke is particularly large after being wet by the water.” The firefighters who are spraying water said.

When the reporter left the scene at 10 o'clock in the morning, the smoke from the sheet piles was still emerging. The firefighters were using the fire hooks to hook the upper planks and fire them down one by one. At 10:30, the fire was completely put out. According to reports, the cause of the fire is yet to be investigated in detail. (Finish)

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