European-style retro building wind leads summer dress design trend

Leading Word: Europe is a collection of architectural arts. Classical and distinctive architecture carries a long history and deep culture. It makes people forget to return. There are many similarities between clothing and architecture. The costumes that are integrated into the architectural style are full of connotations and give people a full range of gas and elegance.

欧式复古建筑风 引领夏装设计流行趋势(图1)

The three-dimensional small square print is reminiscent of the mosaic architectural style that prevailed in Roman times. At that time, people used colorful square stones to make pictures and decorate the interior. Wearing this chic dress will take you through time and space and return to that artistic period.

欧式复古建筑风 引领夏装设计流行趋势(图2)

The colorful abstract prints, like the graffiti on the walls everywhere in Europe, and the Renaissance impressionist style, give people a sense of shock through the whole body.

欧式复古建筑风 引领夏装设计流行趋势(图3)

Gorgeous prints, imitating the carving art in European architecture, create a powerful visual impact on this A-type dress, asymmetrical styles left and right, forming a balance of beauty, just as those buildings that have been crippled by wind and rain, but also let People feel its strong aura.

欧式复古建筑风 引领夏装设计流行趋势(图4)

Neatly arranged printing in rectangular grids, like the windows in a European-style building, puts them on the body and makes you beautiful and incomparable. A very dignified self-cultivation of clothing, full gas field.

欧式复古建筑风 引领夏装设计流行趋势(图5)

Gorgeous lace design, three-dimensional sense of strong, reminiscent of the European church that created with a monochrome layer of gorgeous layers and three-dimensional sense, elegant and generous, full of femininity.

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