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Throughout the domestic children's clothing industry, there is no one children's clothing brand in the market has an absolute advantage, the most powerful children's clothing brand's market share does not exceed 5% of the infancy competition pattern, many children's clothing enterprises are gradually shaking up the shuffle. Many children's clothing brand to rapidly expand the brand share and visibility, spared no expense investment threshold, increase support for negative profits in exchange for big brands. Children brand to be brand reshuffle is completed, the brand building is completed, the investment costs will soar, greatly increased. China Top Ten brand children's clothing - Ding Dong cat brand, has always been adhering to the "always concerned about the healthy growth of children," passion for brand development. So special investment opportunities, not a hundred years. Ding Dong cat 2012 spring and summer series of products 2, "Warring States" era, a good name male children's clothing as a commercial activity, since the 20th century began to be independent, than the women's, men's room up a huge space. Children's clothing is lagging far behind the pace of foreign countries, from 80 to become the main purchase, it began to have a truly popular children's clothing market was born. Now just as the Warring States period, both the crowded and the male, the lack of dominant brands dominate the country, most likely to cut the market, dominate the region. With more than 10 years of professional children's clothing business accumulation, Jitang Cat has gathered a wealth of energy in the melee in the capital is strong, skill, the success rate doubled. China Top Ten brand-name children's clothing - Doraemon brand market competition and consumer demand changes, so that the children's clothing industry is facing a new round of industrial upgrading. Faced with such a situation, "Doraemon cat" saw a new opportunity for development. The company has a long-term perspective, flashed great wisdom in the children's clothing industry known as the "last piece of cake" in the domestic garment industry, and continued to write the new leader forces belonging to the "Ding Dong Cat" by integrating resources, innovative modes and clever operation! Ding Dong cat 2012 spring and summer series products Shanghai Lan Bo Sing Children's Products Co., Ltd. - Ding Dong cat brands Domestic Operations Center: High-tech Zone, Shantou, Science and Technology East Road, Building 8, Golden House, National Advisory Hotline: , official microblogging: http: // Doraemon mall: official website: G era, mobile phone access more exciting: joined Details: http://



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