Clothing microblogging hot discussion: B2C need to stop the price war

The increasing price war in the domestic B2C industry has already attracted the attention of the Ministry of Commerce. By the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, China’s online retail sales will exceed 3 trillion yuan. This scale is a B2C enterprise that achieves 100 billion RMB and can be fully realized. However, B2C companies are not going to learn from each other, learning from each other's strengths, and are still fighting price wars and mutual attacks. If this situation does not change, our B2C market is not optimistic.

@ Aged: For e-commerce, the loss is necessary, the price war must fight. In the first half of the year, I said that the price war may take another 3 years to end, but now it looks like it will accelerate because the more fierce it is, the faster it will end. If you don’t have the courage of a strong man to break your wrist, don’t scold the electricity supplier for this pot of water.

@Gong Baoyang: The essence of the e-commerce price war is to fight branding - China's e-commerce companies are now staking their enclaves and will be able to capture a favorable position in the future. Most traditional enterprises make e-commerce strategic investments; China's economy To promote the influx of hot money, many companies took the investor's money to fight the price war, the future attempts to publicly listed investors' money; Amazon's loss for 8 years before it was profitable is the benchmark for many electricity suppliers to fight price wars.

@Yang Hongwei _Eric: The physical store has a physical scope of protection, plus all the links to precipitate more profits, the price war does not hurt the bones. The e-commerce business has no walls, direct and short-sighted connections, and profitability is transparent. The only thing that can be compared is that the price of a person is even lower. The involvement of capital also makes e-businesses accustomed to burning money, and sooner or later it is a dead word.

@EC Luobang: Why are Chinese entrepreneurs still unable to escape the price war? We do not deny that this is a killer for seizing the market, but from a long-term perspective, this is undoubtedly the left-handed right-handed move. The endless price war will only make the development of the company in trouble. Quality, innovation and better product development will all be delayed due to price wars.

@ Taobao sister: the price war is exactly the market force, Taobao's activities in addition to the lack of discount promotions new ideas, virtually also in the wake of propaganda, but in the final analysis, the price war is still a product of competition, after all, online is easier to compare prices, but strange The platform is not an objective and positive mentality. Low prices can only be tactics can not be used as a strategy, unfortunately, many businesses did not think about how to turn into battle before the price war, this is the root cause of unrepentant.

@Wang Wei 1413: Clothing is a hard-working industry that requires attention to detail. This is especially true of the brand during the startup period. The solution to the pain is long-term strategy, detailed goals, slowing down, and focusing on rhythm. Concentrate on one or two things every day, promote one or two points of progress every year, and share minor changes with the team. The pleasure of stage achievement Brand building is a century-long career that must focus on peace and persistence.

Mr. Kabin: Doesn't Lenovo's association be Lenovo? Isn't Steve Jobs's apple an apple? Spiritual leaders and brands achieve each other, but they also have repulsive forces. Perhaps only two independent individuals can better promote each other. Thanks to the brand model and senior entrepreneurs for their valuable experience. Mr. Carpin is a proud name, but I also hope that the one hundred years after that, Mr. Cabin will still be proud of this name.

@ Miao Hongbing: Success must be # continuous creativity, create unparalleled products; demanding detail, demanding to make your product human and unique, to maintain long-term, strong competitiveness; bring out a Professional, lean, efficient, invincible, good moral and high-quality team; peace of mind in times of peace, mentality of walking on thin ice; healthy body, tenacious perseverance.

@Yang Dazhao's Weibo: #The brand's system #brand is divided into tangible and intangible two parts. The tangible can find the customer's needs through accurate positioning, through the product, visual planning VMD, window, promotion, image products, etc. The overall image of the brand reinforces the constant recognition and cognition of customers to form a potential consensus of brand value. Intangible needs to promote brand values ​​through public relations or the media in various forms and allow customers to experience this feeling.

@EC brand observation: # Capital invades the apparel industry, local brands never stop. # The future of the Chinese garment industry will usher in subversive development: First, China is the country with the most complete textile and apparel industry chain; Second, China has 1.3 billion. People's huge domestic market; Third, the apparel industry can have many innovations in the business model field. In the same cycle, the return rate of the apparel industry averaged about 40 times, while high-tech companies only 5 to 20 times.

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