Bear brand children's clothing can be children's most loyal partners

Hong Bang Fashion (UK) International Limited has been committed to the healthy growth of pregnant, infants and children, is a professional R & D, production, marketing, service in one of the international, collectivization and brand development of pregnant, infants, children's clothing and supplies Professional business. Hong Bang Hong (Group) Co., Ltd. Hong Bang Hong Group Co., Ltd. together with the Shenzhen Hao State Clothing Co., Ltd, leading design and development Camibear ("Kemi Bear") in the Chinese children's brand in the promotion of marketing, marketing services management. Camibear from the United Kingdom ("Kemi Bear") reveals the noble qualities of the British royal family, with the handsome nature of children with the characteristics of coexistence. Extremely abstract cartoon style Bear's logo image impressive. Naive bear cubs are the most loyal partners of children, pass the cultural concept of friendly and caring, respected the positive and progressive cultural spirit. Advocating the "natural comfort, leisure and fashion, vitality and dynamic, low-carbon environment, sports health," the dress and life attitude. Efforts to demonstrate timeless elegance and minimalist fashion. So that children wearing camibear ("beige bear") children grew more confident and more emotional. Camibear ("Kemi Bear") excellent choice of materials, environmentally friendly low-carbon, bright colors, sophisticated version, science and technology to 3-16 years old, height 100-160CM children, adolescents as consumer object, interpretation of "fashion, leisure , Sports, health, vitality, "the brand style, promote new fashion children's clothing consumption.

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