Ju Menglai Home Textile: Do you want to wash the newly bought blanket?

Many friends don't understand the production process of the blankets, and they haven't seen them. Therefore, after purchasing the blankets, they will ask questions such as whether the newly bought blankets should be washed or not. The answer given by Ju Menglai Home Textiles Consultant is affirmative. If you buy a new blanket, don’t ask it, you must wash it. Especially for general quality blankets, the newly bought blankets are even more washed.

Ju Menglai Home Textile: Do you want to wash the newly bought blanket?

Many friends think that if the blanket is well packaged, it may not need to be washed for the first time. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. If you want to wash the new wool blanket, don't worry, you must wash it before you can use it. Then why do you want to say this? Is it necessary to wash the new woolen blankets? Some blankets have not been washed at the factory, have they been disinfected? Why is the new blanket still washed? As for the question of whether or not to buy a newly bought blanket, we will summarize the reasons as follows:

1. How many blankets will not be cleaned and disinfected before leaving the factory. This is the main reason why blankets should be cleaned after they are bought.

2. In the process of packaging, transportation, etc., the blankets will be polluted and easy to be soiled. Especially for those small manufacturers, the environment of the factory is not very good, and it is necessary to clean the newly purchased blankets.

3. After the newly purchased blanket is cleaned, it can reduce the problem of the coloring of the felt due to printing and dyeing. Newly purchased blankets are best cleaned with cold water for the first time. This works better. (Gu Menglai Home Textiles)

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Women's Moccasins
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