ochirly 2013 summer new three supermodel take you easy summer

Leisurely Midsummer, a cup of rich Earl Gray tea, burst of laughter, ochirly girls happy afternoon of tea brought you into the summer of 2013. Full of sunny summer sense of fashion dress is ochirly girls gathered for this friend and carefully prepared, as fine English afternoon tea, decent shape is an indispensable ochirly girls fashion attitude.

ochirly 2013夏季新品 三位超模带你轻松度夏

ochirly 2013夏季新品 三位超模带你轻松度夏

ochirly 2013夏季新品 三位超模带你轻松度夏

Glittering green, with the beauty of the garden echoes echoes; blend of classical and modern design of lace, light and transparent European root yarn and gorgeous prints of flowers in the pleated skirt and waist dress flying, Victoria Period elegant style and modern urban collision of modern fashion exclusive ochirly relaxed elegant style.

Ochirly girl from three international supermodel Cara Delevingne, Lindsey Wixson and Clara Paget vividly presents the three-dimensional beauty of ochirly summer fashion. International photographer Mario Testino frequently presses the shutter in this joyous party to keep the ochirly girls Instant elegant style.

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