I am coming, I am a fashion cocoa duck, I am not a big yellow duck!

My naive demeanor always makes people mistakenly think that I am the only Hong Kong duck. To this end, I will be a little annoyed. Although the Hong Kong duck is quite similar to me, but I have my difference! I was born in Shenzhen Shidu Industrial Co., Ltd. 14 years ago. According to my age, I am the sister of the Hong Kong rhubarb duck! Cute hairstyle is my crowning touch. As a fashion spokesman, no matter when, I will ask myself to be perfect. I do not like to float on the water. I am worried that it will wet my beautiful clothes. Well, as long as it is absolutely fashion, I can give up some of the insistence. With its superior, I am more willing to integrate into the lives of children. I hope I can have my lovely figure in every corner of their life. I came, I am a fashion cocoa duck, interpretation of fashion with delicate love, interpretation of the children's magic childhood! Cocoa duck public micro signal has been opened, search add micro signal: QQDuckweixin or cocoa duck to add! Cocoa duck at any time to receive children's hand information!

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