Diamond and diamond ring

Innocent, noble, and lasting. Diamonds have been given many miraculous meanings by humans since ancient times, and their mysterious legends and romantic associations are endless.

The ancient Romans claimed that it fell with the meteor, the tears of the gods. In Sanskrit, the word diamond is lightning, meaning that diamonds are born of lightning. To this day, the development of modern science tells people that diamonds do not fall from the sky, but break out of the ground. In ancient mysterious India, diamonds are embedded in sculptures, like the eyes of God, witnessing the rise and fall of the world. In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, diamond-encrusted rings were seen as magical amulets with supreme magic. Plato gives life to a diamond and believes it contains the soul of God. Ancient Babylonians believed that diamonds were the third face of the Gemini constellation and regarded it as the first symbol of Taurus. Those who wear diamonds are good at hunting, skilled and respected.

The diamond ring as a token of love began in Austria in the 14th century. According to legend, the great male Maximilian is very fond of diamonds, and firmly believes that it is a symbol of eternal courage, perseverance and love. When he booked a kiss with Princess Marley of France in 1477, he sent a letter to Princess Mary. The article said: "On the day of the date, the princess must wear a diamond-encrusted ring." The diamond ring on the ring finger is connected to the pulse of love entering the heart, with unparalleled power and good luck for those who love. Since then, this royal radical has flowed into the people and has become a milestone in witnessing the most sacred rituals in people's lives. Today, diamonds are still a symbol of love forever.

Legend has it that diamonds can be used for medical treatment of diseases such as leprosy and plague. At the same time, diamonds can also detoxify, and they are also highly toxic. It is said that the Queen of France, Catherine, who was born in Italy, sprinkled diamond crumbs into the food to remove his opponent.

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