In the high-end women's clothing brand Jiamei strength to join a selection

In the women's market, the high-end women's clothing for the city's white-collar elite to create a colorful, colorful fashion life, as its own beauty to improve the external and connotation of the palace. Kerry honey women are committed to creating high-end fashion brand personality, a strong brand strength for your wealth to provide a guarantee of dreams, is your preferred brand to join!


Jia honey women provide a wide range of products, value for money. Free franchise fee at the same time provide scientific and effective professional management mode. Enjoy the brand effect brought by different forms of advertisement propaganda from time to time in the media from headquarters. Guarantee franchisee a reasonable profit, share the scale of benefits. Provide professional store design, the company unified VI image design, based on the unified free of charge for the stores (counters) professional, the entire store design drawings to provide and protect the normal operation of the terminal store, a strong team to maintain support. Provide systematic training services, the headquarters of the franchise for the development of a unified service standards and norms, to provide customers with quality services to ensure that "Jia-ming" brand a good social image. Regularly rectify the shop to improve the performance of a single store business, enhance brand image and customer satisfaction. Interactive special needs of product development and follow-up.

中高档女装强势品牌嘉蜜 女装加盟实力之选

Garment Co., Ltd. is the Camry Camry Hangzhou Garment Co., Ltd. under the brand, the company set the development, production and design and sales in one, full of vitality, full of vitality, great potential. Based on the principle of "customer-centric", we adhere to the business philosophy of "independent research and development as the core and marketing as the guideline". We adhere to the development concept of pragmatism, honesty, service and win-win, diligently develop and make continuous progress. Innovative business approach ahead of the customer-oriented service concept, making the brand once launched, attracted great attention. At the same time by virtue of the unique international fashion design style, excellent product quality and ultra-modern management, in just a few years time, "CARRYME" brand marketing network has been distributed throughout the country more than 30 provinces and cities. Company employees reached more than 300 people, with more than high-level management personnel, designers more than 30 people, with more than 6,000 square feet of standard plant.

Cashmere wool overcoat fabric is derived from high-grade double woven fabrics. Wool fabrics are made of high quality natural fabrics such as cashmere, wool, rabbit hair, etc. The overall feel is delicate, lubricating, compact, straightforward and elastic, and the color is gorgeous, colorful, suitable for different age levels. The value of cashmere wool coat's double-sided fabrics lies in the super-good handle, thin two layers of cashmere fabrics sewed together, but can not find any combination of sewing, because it can not be machine composite, can only be sewn by hand one needle one line, which determines that each cashmere wool coat is unique.

Cashmere Coat

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