Do you dare to wear a wig?

Bai Yu, a fashion writer, is the author of "Reading Is So Simple"

Carina Lau recently appeared on TV, appeared in an event in Shanghai, still rich, especially wearing a short red bangs wig on the head , and a shawl on the wig , especially eye-catching.

Many of today's stars, such as Rihanna and Fan Bingbing, are wig lovers, wearing a wig that fits well with the entertainment and noisy atmosphere in the background. But we don't think that wigs are things that stars, or girls with simple minds, choose.

People wear wigs because of two opposing motives: one is not willing to let people see that this is a wig, to confuse the truth; the other is to show that the personality is different. I am not talking about the first kind of motivation here. In the intention of covering the ugly, wearing a wig is too worthless. My opinion is that even if your hair really looks unsightly, how can it be all the same? Once you decide to wear a wig, you must hold the "I want people to appreciate" instead of "I want to pass others" attitude. . Fundamentally speaking, how beautiful a girl is, depends on how confident she is, turning the wig into something like the clothing accessory and turning it into a business card of her own personality.

Of course, when the wig is selected, some conservatives are completely normal. Wearing a wig with a bells and whistles, most people are ashamed immediately: Will it be too arrogant? Too done? What do people think of me? I said, no problem. If you want to look natural, don't want to get a traffic accident when you go to the street, then wear a wig with the same color as your eyebrows. You can choose your style. Don't be afraid to show your eyes and see the truth. It's like showing off a new dress. Or, you can also choose those partial wigs: a fake bang, a wig, and two fake scorpions. Adapt first, and then gradually.

If I decide to wear a wig that is more "exaggerated", I have a few suggestions: You have a fair skin, you may wish to choose a red wig to try, there will be a British fan; darker skin is better to wear a dark wig, gold Yellow and brown wigs can also be worn. The hair of Germans and Nordic people is very light and shallow yellow, often almost white. This color wig is generally difficult to coordinate with the Chinese skin color. However, if you have the opportunity to participate in the grand masquerade, you can choose Such a top, because this style of dressing people, at a glance, is to perform, and even bring the atmosphere of carnival to the top.

The wigs made with real hair sounds a little scary, and it’s okay to think about it: it’s nothing but a kind of fur. Since we all have the responsibility to resist the brakes, it seems better to use a real hair clip. After all, recycling and recycling of human resources is the internal affairs of human beings. You don't need real hair fiber wigs, you can do it well, but the hair is often dazzling under the light, some weird, in fact, you can also use a lot of accessories on the wig, wear a headband, insert a hairpin, bunch of silk Towels, as long as they are properly decorated, can still add points to the personal image.

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