Hongxing Erke micro-collar T lead the sophistication wave

No matter how the transformation of popular elements change, and jeans, simple and stylish POLO shirt is a trendless single product. This summer, Hongxingkeke star product T-shirt T attack in the second quarter, in addition to continuing POLO shirt simple and stylish features, its delicate collar, dazzling colors, fully demonstrates the current young people's pursuit of fashion and personality, set off A delicate wave of sophistication.

鸿星尔克 - erke

Elegant workplace style

T-shirt with solid color collar Trousers, fine collar and checkered pants Check the formation of echoes, giving a dignified and elegant feeling, allowing you to get rid of the workplace dull, boring image.

Urban beauty wind

T-shirt with a black and white stripes T shirt with a pink print, carry the leather black and white mosaic handbags, creating a fresh and refined beauty of the image, with a pink berets, and this situation is the most commensurate.

Youth College style

When the solid color micro collar T meets the striped micro collar T, it is destined for you into my youth, whether it is with casual pants or jeans, are our most perfect couple look!

Vibrant fashion style

White T-shirt with wide leg pants, white gives a feeling of quiet, while the wide leg pants on the print gives a sense of fashion vitality, also static and dynamic, woven into the streets of the most beautiful scenery.

This summer, what is your gust?

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