Hand in juvenile wear leading brand "offside" toward a better future

An authoritative media in Beijing once randomly selected 100 local primary and secondary school students to investigate. 30% of respondents said they needed 3-4 pieces of clothes besides school uniforms and 15% thought they needed at least 7 pieces each, Respondents who buy clothes once a month account for 10% of the total number of respondents, 30% buy clothes once a month, and 80% of respondents who purchase at least one item every quarter many. A considerable part of primary and secondary school students in our country are still in their infancy. It can be seen from the above survey data that, in addition to school uniforms, young people in our country also need to purchase a lot of clothes. However, the largest size of most children's apparel brand in the market is only 160cm. The growth and development of the juvenile is very fast. By the age of eleven, many juveniles are already close to or even more than 160cm in size. That is to say, for them, purchasing suitable clothes is not easy. The larger version of the children's wear on the market or a smaller version of adult wear, although they may wear together, may also be stylish, but after all, is not practical for the Chinese version of the model features, personality and production, so these clothes are not very suitable for young, Only for a moment. There are not many businesses that really create branded apparel for teenagers, so buying clothes for teenagers often becomes a big dilemma for parents and teenagers. "Offside offside" juvenile wear Since 2006, focus on the development of juvenile wear market, so far has gone through six years, the scale of the enterprise has been expanded to three companies, five factories, hundreds of employees. Offside juvenile equipment into the more than 20 provinces across the country, a total of more than 300 cities, stores have already exceeded 400, the country gained a large number of loyal consumers, the majority of young people to become the preferred brand of clothing. Offside youth clothing covers fashion, leisure, sports three series of clothing, fashionable and excellent quality, by the children's favorite. In addition to clothing, footwear and socks, the offside juvenile pack also provides products such as school bags, sports equipment, and more for teenagers to create a one-stop shop for trendy lifestyles for Chinese teenagers. Over the years, offside youthwear has always been to take care of young people as their own responsibility for their tailor-made fashion personality clothing, positive positive energy transmission, while always adhere to the "first-class quality, medium price" market line, so that ordinary children of family income Can also afford to spend. Choose "offside offside" juvenile teenager, life will become more colorful; choose "offside offside" juvenile franchisee, will find the passion of hard work, achievements of their wonderful life. Hurry up with offside juvenile equipment hand in hand, towards a better future!

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