Build urban "decoration" is still a woman - Bear silversmith settled in Jingzhou and Inner Mongolia

(Bear Silversmith Brand Alert) Time May, bear silversmith front line of good news constantly, a home decorated a new store in full bloom in different regions, for local consumers to add to the fashion dress. On May 9, Anliang Department Store, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, happily welcomed the leading brand of Chinese fashion silverware, "Bear Silversmith" silver jewelry. Anliang Department Store is currently operating in Jingzhou City, the most complete category, the largest and highest grade, the most complete infrastructure, shopping, leisure, catering as one of the major department stores. The company has always been adhering to the "create sophisticated life" business philosophy, and bear silversmiths, "silver" lead the fashion trend "philosophy coincides with the two major brands together to inject fresh local fashion energy, build the city "Decoration" is still a woman. Bear silversmith Jingzhou Anliang department store opened May 9 dress May 11, Hohhot in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of Victoria Times City, many customers were bear silversmith's unique billboards and unique store image attracted to the store, one after another Stunning silver jewelry inside the counter amazing. A customer said that such a big brand of silverware, a glance can be seen with the different generic brands, texture and style are much better, and exquisite decoration and professional shopping guide, are very brand sense. On the eve of the opening, an exquisite bear silversmith Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia This shop is the first branch of the bear silversmith brand in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The grand opening of the auction opened a good prelude to the development of the bear silversmith brand in Inner Mongolia.

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