Teach you to bring a wig to spread the fashion from the hair

Lead: Wig is simple and fashionable. As long as you learn the skills, the hair style can show a variety of changes. Nowadays, the popular gradient hairstyle, Xiaobian will teach you three styles of hair-sending tutorials, let you transform into a trendy girl, and the fashion tide will be presented immediately!

The scorpion needs to be compiled, and the purple hair piece presents an elegant and mysterious temperament. When choosing a wig, the closer the material is to the actual hair, the better the breathability is. Of course, the price will be more expensive.

According to the hair piece width can be divided into 4cm, 8cm piece, 16cm, 25cm, depending on the amount of hair and specific needs.
1. Pull the bangs all the way to the back side, and send the top to the hair. It looks like an inverted triangle from the front. Fix it with a small clip.
2. Take the hair backwards along the middle corner of the inverted triangle, and make a small fish bone in three strands. When the middle position is placed, the wig piece will be inserted in. If it is long enough, it can be compiled from the beginning.
3. The numbered tweezers are used as the center line, and the left and right sides are divided into two parts, which are then fixed into tweezers.
4. The middle hair is also fixed in the same way.
5. If the wig piece is too long or not very natural, you can use a pair of scissors to trim it, then use a curling iron to curl the hair, and the overall shape is formed.

Types of Pillar Candles

There are many different kinds of pillar candles as described above, the categorization is done on the basis of shape, wick,materials and scent.

Basic Pillar Candle:

It is cylindrical in shape, having a single wick.  It is made of paraffin or beeswax, having different colors. It can be decorated on the dining tables.

Soy Pillar candles:

As the name suggests the candle is made of soy and some other components which help to give the stability to the candle. They are quite eco-friendly and burn much hotter than the conventional candles.

Layered Pillar Candles:

These candles are quite similar to basic candles, but have layers of different colors in its wax.It is best to use for decoration purpose as it can give quite a dramatic affects in the room.

Layered Pillar Candles

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