Blue and white jade

Due to the difference in the content of black jade, the black and dark parts of the ink jade are not evenly distributed. Usually, the raw materials of the jade are called “blue and white materials”, while the meaning of “green” is black, and only the black content is reached. More than 40% is called ink jade. There are a lot of counterfeit blue and white ink jade in the market. The following materials are the most common imitations.

Qinghai tobacco material: The color of this material looks very black like the naked eye, but it has a very obvious difference with the blue and white ink jade. The light on the surface of the material will reveal that the jade will emit purple light. And blue and white ink jade is not.

Black Jasper: The color of black jasper is very black and black. The surface of the light will appear on the surface of the light with green or cyan light. The blue and white ink jade is formed by the graphite into the Yunell, so no matter how you observe it, it will be the original color of jade.

Since the blue-and-white jade contains graphite, the graphite crystal is in the form of a sheet, and if the wafer is relatively large, a sheet-like reflection is observed under the irradiation of strong light. Blue and white ink jade is relatively thin, and the lighter color is light transmissive. However, the transparency of blue-and-white jade is usually low. Some blue-and-white jade is only black and has no texture. This is not a good blue-and-white jade.

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