Blue elephant brand children's clothing "61" Children's Carnival began counting down

Let the children count on the number of non-stop festivals. The festival can be counted in an hour. Many children in many places started celebrating "June 1" today. Like to participate in the ball like, and some to bring masks, like to participate in what masquerade like, and some little handsome guy wearing a bow tie, like a small gentleman. Still preparing for tomorrow's "June 1" children, patiently waiting for the day, moms do you have to dress your child is not unique? Let the children pay close attention to "61", blue elephants help you spend the day together. In this summer, Korean apparel has become the trend, the Korean version of the exotic design to fashion clubs to show the combination of lively and lovely children's nature and urban culture family to pursue the simple, stylish, natural Korean style, the blue elephant is the use of Korean design Concept, the design of the clothing, simple and stylish, a simple red dress, so that children in the "61" pocketed the eye, micro-fold design highlight the child lively personality, upper body dotted with waves of lace, simple bright Color, a touch of color in the simple world of children. Also implies the child's hope for the future. Children cute and lively personality, the designer adopted the child's personality, designed a wave of dress, pink highlights the little girl's main romantic love, color wave dot embellishment prominent color sense, the waist bow decoration more prominent The child's cute, positive attitude. The child's future is full of hope.

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