Analysis on the stages of the design principle of glass edging machine

1. Planning stage: This stage includes capturing social needs through social and market research, analyzing market prospects, formulating product functions and technical indicators according to the current level of scientific and technological development, and formulating design task books for project approval. .

2. Glass edging machine program design stage: This stage is based on the product task requirements, functional requirements, the basic principles on which to base the project, and the mechanical motion system solution to achieve the task requirements. Diagram or working principle diagram.

3. Glass edging machine process design stage: mainly includes structural design and process design. This stage completes all technical materials required for product manufacturing.

4. The technical information of the glass edging machine should be generally included in the design specification and instruction manual of the product.

In the four design stages, the design stage of the program mainly determines the product technology and the intrinsic quality. The issues involved in this phase are the main content of the mechanical principles course.

The mechanical principle consists of four parts.

1. The design of the glass edger mechanism mainly includes the composition principle of the mechanism and the basic theory and method of its evolution.

2. The main feature of the motion design mechanism of the glass edger mechanism is mechanical movement. The analysis, research and study of the movement characteristics, functions and design methods of various common institutions are the main contents of the course.

3. The mechanical power design mainly includes mechanical efficiency, inertial force, balance of inertial force distance, and mechanical real motion and speed regulation. This is the dynamic foundation of mechanical motion system design.

4. Mechanical motion system design based on mechanical kinematics and dynamics design, introduce the relevant issues of the design of mechanical motion scheme, which is the purpose of the mechanical principle course

With the rapid development of science and technology, various new concepts, new theories, new processes, and new methods are emerging, and they are at the forefront of the mechanical industry. Its new research topics and research methods are also constantly being produced. Researches such as robotics, bionics, micro-machines, optimization design, computer-aided design, and the application of modern mathematical methods in design have opened up vast disciplines for mechanical principles. prospect.

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