Deng Chao love Ports Men's interpretation of the partners, "lustful" style

If the actress wearing Gucci will hit Li Bingbing, then the male celebrities wearing Ports will hit Deng Chao, no one more suitable for Ports Ports than him the spokesman, Ports catwalk color installed by the love of Deng Chao easy to control, even more Elegant style. The following is a collection of several Xiaobian deducted by the Ports section of Ports paragraph models suit, take a look at it. Deng Chao and all stars elegant appearance "sweet charity dinner in Hongkong", a Ports 1961 gentleman blue classic double breasted suit, fresh and smart, rate affinity. Popular man Deng Chao recently starring as the new film "China partner" campaign, pink Ports 1961 2013 spring and summer suits not only eye-catching colors, Slim models more able to show his tall and straight figure. Style classic chain watches and wedding rings as a decoration, echoes the light-colored shoes on the feet, so that the whole body shape is very refreshing. "Chinese partners" in the "returnees" Deng Chao wearing Ports 1961 sky blue double-breasted suit charm first appeared in network drama "My Need is a predecessor," Gentleman graceful actress. Deng Chao a double-breasted bright yellow Ports ports2013 spring and summer bright suits vacuum battle, full of charm, professional momentum is absolutely not lost Yuquan. Life should be full of colorful colors, to greet the passionate youth and chase the dream of the future.


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