Summer heat to MARLOCA bring you a cool "summer"

Summer high temperature is approaching, MARLOCA costumes accompanied by a breeze for you to send this season's blessing, the original you cool a "summer", is willing to relaxed and happy linger around you. MARLOCA apparel 2014 spring and summer new products have been fully listed, consumers are welcome to go around the counter to buy, MARLOCA clothing to bring you a cool "summer."


Of course, the hot summer chiffon shirt to cool it, chiffon shirt with its clear texture of the summer became one of the most popular fabrics, pure white fresh and clean, lace embroidery organza cuffs to add sweet. Possession of blue wave point skirt cute and youthful, Tibetan blue sunscreen color system, but also clever sunscreen Oh.

酷暑将至 MARLOCA为您带来清凉一“夏”

Hot summer, you can not change the hot high temperature then change your dress to cool it, how cool to wear, how to look good how to wear, sleeveless vest dress wantonly go. Dazzling yellow lemon West Bridge, white printing pattern was artistic, unique hem even more personality Oh.

酷暑将至 MARLOCA为您带来清凉一“夏”

Wherever summer go is "baking" like a guilty conscience, watching the intense UV makes people very irritable, and quickly with a touch of mint blue to cool it yourself. MARLOCA dress 2014 spring and summer new dress, elegant and sweet little grid pattern combination mechanism Lace hook flower hem, instantly let the temperature down to freezing point, but fresh and incomparable.

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