It is summer! Bear silversmith benefits ~ ~

The company does not send benefits? What, boyfriend do not buy gifts? ? ? This summer you have the chance to get yourself free for a price of 1898 yuan bear silversmith Swarovski "dream charm" series of sets of chains Oh! ! ! Wear it, immediately flashed burst titanium titanium dog eyes! From April 18 onwards, if you have not followed us, now you only need to gently move your finger to pay attention to our official WeChat "Silver Bear Silver Silver" and send "088 + your mobile phone number" to this WeChat subscription number. Free to participate in "plus WeChat, there are surprises," the draw Oh! This event is only for fans of new interest. Quick hands-on, late by others flash burst! ! Good things to share really sister! ! Event Time: April 18-27, 2014 Awards Announcement: April 30, 2014 Wood is wrong! "Dream charm" series is it! Flash burst wood there? Add WeChat, reply "088 + your cell phone number" have the opportunity to win the award!

Crochet Cotton Chemical Embroidery Trim

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