NIKKY handmade men's health and environmental protection art and beauty

NIKKY Men was founded in New York in 2010, the selection of the United Kingdom, Italy, the top surface accessories; teacher commitment Florence superior technology; "Red Gang" introverted and compromise of the essence of handicrafts; interpretation of New York upstart lifestyle, NIKKY determined to do the best handmade suits . The essence of NIKKY is quality above all else. Each product is distinctive, showing art and beauty by hand. Exquisite version fit the human body; soft shoulders light and comfortable; rigorous on the grid highlight the extraordinary; manual buttonhole low-key luxury; full hair live lining to make men enjoy themselves, freely. NIKKY changed a man's suit tedious image; use of meticulous and unique color, so that men bloom from the wonderful. Nikky products in the world carefully selected high-quality fabrics, with "bold colors, perfect layout, exquisite mix," through the art of master custom handmade to show the modern American society of high self-confidence, "Values. Nikky brand for the successful fashion business men, his strong personality, but graceful calm, gorgeous without publicity; filling the "retreat, with the ability to practice" attitude toward life. Be favored by Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills man sought after. With the success of North American business, Nikky will gradually open up markets in Europe and East Asia. Nikky will uphold the concept of personalized fashion, elite custom, so that China's urban elites can enjoy rich American-style business fashion.

Different from knit fabric,it was weaving by different machine. it includes chffion,plain,poplin etc.                                                                      

Woven Series

Stretch Chiffion,Poly Chiffon Fabric,Grid Span Fabric,Poly Acid Span Fabric

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