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Recently, the Italian men's shoe brand operator soyvcead Soyda (SED) launched the national franchise investment plan. The head of China Merchants (SED) said that the potential of the men's shoes consumer market, the quality of the top Italian men's shoes, the unique operating model and the large cooperation space constitute Soyda (SED) to attract partners. The important foundation for joining.

The head of the Sed brand said that by integrating the supply chain, SED is committed to providing high-quality handmade men's shoes for Chinese fashion celebrities and elites. In the SED experience store, consumers can experience and experience the world's top brands of men's shoes and accessories at one time, and we are creating an O2O business model of “Internet shop + scenario experience store” for customers. Provide online and offline full range of consumer and service experiences.

Men's shoes consumption is a big market

With the rise of China's middle class and the improvement of residents' spending power, especially men's attention to personal charm and instrumentation, the men's consumer market, including men's shoes, has shown a rapid growth trend in recent years. According to relevant data, the size of China's men's footwear market in 2011 was 94.9 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of more than 10% in the past five years. Experts believe that men's shoes are a huge consumer market that has not yet been discovered, and is expected to become the next "gold mine."

“The men’s footwear consumer market is entering the development stage of spurt growth, especially for urban elites or middle managers. For professional elites who are eager to succeed or need to go to formal occasions frequently, they have one or even several sets of fully demonstrating individuals. The glamour of the line is indispensable, and this type of person is not lacking in purchasing ability. It can be said that the past two years is a good time to enter the market." The head of SED (SED) said, "In the global financial turmoil and Europe Under the circumstances of the debt crisis, the consumer market in Europe and the United States is weak, and the Italian brand has a unique advantage in the field of men's shoes consumption. The Italian men's shoes brand introduced by SED is the leader in the world's men's shoes, and is highly regarded by lawyers. Designers, banks, securities, consultants and other professionals in the workplace."

O2O mode of online store + scenario experience store

It is worth mentioning that in order to better provide consumers with a comprehensive experience, SED's business model adopts an O2O model that combines online and offline. Fully and conveniently display the men's shoes brand and product information operated by SED through online websites such as online stores and websites, and guide consumers, especially new customers, to enter the offline experience store site of Soyda (SED). Feeling its unique ultimate service is the interpretation of its O2O model by Sodda (SED).

Due to the convenience of the Internet, the online platform allows more potential consumers or partners to quickly understand the business philosophy and dynamics of Sodda (SED). For products such as men's shoes, the comprehensive experience of consumption and services provided by offline stores is often irreplaceable by online stores. “We hope to help more people understand and build interest and trust in SED and its product brands through online display and promotion, and retain them through offline experience stores. We hope they like it. At the same time, SED's men's shoes products are more like our brand!” said the head of SED (“SED”), “How to make offline stores and online network platforms complement each other’s advantages will determine Soy An important strategy for the future development of SED."

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