He: [Italian Kadini brand menswear] 2014 Shandong store manager training was a complete success

Kadu Nepal Shandong TuoChuang Marketing Center has been established since October 12, 2012. Under the leadership of Zhuoyi Liu, General Manager, there are currently 24 direct outlets in Shandong. They focus on team building and professional skills training.

Ricardo Nepal Year Extension marketing center in Shandong April 24, 2014 was held in 2014 in Shandong Province manager training sessions.

The conference inserted a wonderful catwalk that was played by the Kadini Shandong team.

They interacted and interacted in a series of training sessions such as "Selling Seven Processes for Sales", "Winning at Terminals - Kardani Exhibition Training", and "Please Do not Use Old-fashioned Sales Dialogue". The atmosphere of the entire training meeting was very active. Strong behavior.

Convinced that through this training meeting, this Kadini Shandong team will be increasingly sophisticated! Create another success!

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