Peach Blossom underwear on the pursuit of beauty never stopped

The founder of " Peach Blossom Season " women's lingerie brand advocates the concept of healthy sunshine, selects the best materials and meets the national inspection standards. The product takes "Chinese style" as the main design concept, integrates the European and American design styles, and combines the characteristics of Chinese women themselves , Create the perfect oriental beauty image, with the domestic similar products in sharp contrast!


"Peach Blossoms" brand has rich cultural connotations. The peach blossoms season starts from the perspectives of beauty, health, sunshine and enthusiasm. Taking care of women, caring for women's health and shaping healthy, beautiful and energetic urban women as the brand's core elements, From the fashion, personality, health, the sun's point of view to continuously improve and sublimate the brand image, enrich the brand content.

Peach Fangfang my underwear, peach blossom in my peach Blossoming beauty of the spring can be as bright Splendid, Yan as peach graceful pleasant, endless charm warm colors, sexy underwear in my heart, the pursuit of glamorous,
All in the peach season.

Fleece Headband and wristband is used in winter. One size fit all. They will keep your ears and head warm with this fashionable headband. Features 100% Polyester Polar fleece this headband with ear warmers is perfect for outdoor activities or just to accentuate your fashion style. Slightly flexible for a comfortable fit. Soft & comfortable material. Curved shaped provides complete ear coverage. Dry clean or hand wash only. 

Fleece Headband & Wristband

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