Yao Chen, Zou Shiming join hands with Adidas to open the 360-degree breathable cooldown trip

Yao Chen, Zou Shiming full effort to open 360-degree breathable coaching trip April 11, 2012, Adidas running officially released 2012 new ClimaCool breeze series of running shoes. Famous actor Yao Chen and Beijing Olympic boxing champion Zou Shiming are invited to jointly open the new season Adidas full dump full 360 degrees breathable coaching tour, inviting consumers across the country joined since April 14 Adidas 100 stores in the country launched the " Ice cream to win cool cool breeze shoes "interactive activities. At the same time, upcoming Adidas "Indiana Ice" mobile games, will also provide rich and interesting running experience for running friends. This series of marketing activities is the adidas "All Leverage" brand concept in running sports in concrete manifestation, intended to promote 360-degree breathable cooldown this healthy and positive lifestyle in the country's development and popularization. Mai Yan Shi Yao Chen, Zou Shiming bring frozen ClimaCool running shoes Adidas 360 degree breathable cooldown conference by international superstar David Beckham, NBA "MVP" Derrick Rose, "World Soccer Sir" Rio Nelson Messi, "Asian champion" Olympic champion Zou Shiming and pop music Katy Perry co-produced promotional film kicked off. At the conference, Zou Shiming and Yao Chen two ClimaCool breeze shoes admire the two men admire, even in the face of running shoes was frozen problem is not hesitated, and ultimately the best of ice cream to take advantage of success, so get your favorite Adidas ClimaCool Fresh Ride breeze running shoes. Zou Shiming is still sharing the scene of the filming experience, he said: "This experience with different stars from different fields is unforgettable .This set of promotional videos will encourage more people to participate in running exercise, experience the running belt To give people endless fun.I was fortunate enough to experience in the film when the new ClimaCool Breeze shoes super breathable performance, so keep your feet dry and comfortable, the new season Adidas breeze worthy of each runner who owns the "stars shine Endorsement lineup, a perfect interpretation of the Adidas "full all-powerful" brand spirit, to encourage young people around the world to fully 360-degree breathable cooldown ranks, to discover running fun. Jens Meyer, Vice President of Adidas Sports Performance, said: "We are very pleased to be able to continue writing the legendary Adidas ClimaCool and bring a brand new breeze series of running shoes to our beloved friends. Formed classic, suitable for different levels of running enthusiasts, and make the running process more comfortable.This all-powerful 360-degree breathable cooldown tour has also been the world's sports stars and performing stars support, we hope to be able to Helping more people discover the joys of running and love her. "For Adidas's all-leveled 360-degree breathable cooldown call, Yao Chen also responded positively:" Running is a sport for all, with ClimaCool breeze shoes for double Feet in the running can breathe without burden, rich and bright colors can also be used with different shapes to help me maximize the joy of running. "Adidas ClimaCool breeze series 2012 two main running shoes - CC Fresh Ride and CC Seduction, With the excellent 360-degree breathability and pioneering colorful designs for consumers Extremely cool running experience. The concept of "in-shoe climate" is once again perfectly applied to the ClimaCool Breeze Series, which penetrates the upper to create a wraparound air circulation system that effectively regulates the comfort of the shoe and the temperature of the foot, allowing both feet Fresh and comfortable. In addition, the new season ClimaCool breeze shoes to expand the previous classic design, with up to nearly 20 color options. Whether it is the symbol of freedom blue, or bold flamboyant publicity, jumping eye-catching color, loudly declared the end of the winter, can not wait to meet the arrival of spring. Adidas ClimaCool breeze series running shoes the main models adidas CC Fresh Ride and adidas CC Seduction will be April 1 and May 1 full landing in the Chinese market, more breeze products will also be listed over the same period. Adidas ClimaCool breeze series running shoes the main models adidas CC Fresh Ride and adidas CC Seduction will be April 1 and May 1 full landing in the Chinese market, more breeze products will also be listed over the same period. April 14 and 15, Adidas will be in Beijing, Shanghai, Beijing, two brand centers full 360 degrees breathable coaching all promotional activities, and jointly with the 100 stores across the country invited consumers to ice-winning shoes, experience 360 ​​degrees cool cool . At the same time, Adidas "Indiana Qi ice" APP mobile games will be fully on the line, consumers can apple store and 91 mobile assistant official website to download experience.

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